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Keep Windows Machine without going idle – Busy Bee Screen

I wanted to keep my Windows PC all time up & running without going idle. Here the script which does

var WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");
for (var i=0; i<60; i++) // 60 minutes { WshShell.SendKeys('+'); WScript.Sleep (60000); }

1.Create a new text file (xxx.js) with above code

2. Double click it xxx.js
3. The script will run 60 times at every minute and keep the machine on which it runs on from going idle.


2. Add above script file through Windwos schedule to run upon Login
3. Note - it stops upon Logout / Shutdown. So make sure start the script after login.

Call Restful service from Crystal Report


I had chance to look at the solution to connect restful service from crystal report. But I couldn’t get direct answer from google. So quickly wrote a wrapper script script to call restful service from .NET We service, which will gives WSDL support and finally used WSDL from Crystal report.

here the sample code along with a crystal report and wsdl